Worry Is A Prayer For What You Don’t Want

What happens when we worry?  We put the energy of fear and despair out to the Universe and that is what the Universe believes we want, so we attract more worry into our life.  The energy of worry is not positive and it doesn’t allow us to see all of the possibility available to us in any given situation.  Worry heightens our nervous system causing it to be in fight or flight mode.  Don’t get me wrong, I know we all have times that we worry and I am far from perfect in this action.  What I do know is that I don’t want to “pray for more worry” with my thoughts and I want to believe in the possibility and light of focusing on the opposite of worry which is believing.  I turn any thoughts of worry that creep into my mind into positive statements that embrace the gratitude of possibility.  Perhaps you can allow yourself to be aware of thoughts of worry when they show up and turn them into a gratitude statement.

AFFIRMATION: I take a deep breath and release any thoughts of worry and focus on gratitude for a situation in my life. I believe!

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What If It Was Easy?

What If It Was Easy?

We get caught up in so much complexity when we are trying to make changes in our life.  We think , “I don’t have the right skills” “I don’t know how to connect to the right people” “I don’t know if I can do it” and the list goes on.  Stop to think for a moment, what if it was easy to make the change and alter the direction of your path?  If we removed the energy of thinking it was hard, we might see an alternative path and we might make space in our energetic vibration to attract the right people.  I don’t know when I started to make every change in my life hard and fill myself with doubt.  I do know that I don’t like that approach and I want to take a more childlike approach and just dive in and do it.  I think it comes down to trusting the Universe will align with your vision and support you on your path.  What do you think?  Could the answer or next steps be easy?

AFFIRMATION: I take a deep breath and release all thoughts of struggle and doubt as I embrace the belief that the answer may be easy and I am always supported from a source bigger than me.

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Imagination Is A Doorway To Your Soul

Imagination is a Doorway to Your Soul

Imagination is our secret power in life.  It can send us on grand adventures and journeys.  It allows us the freedom to think about possibilities for our life.  There is no investment required and nothing is out of bounds.  I believe that the more we can imagine ourselves doing certain things, connecting with certain people or traveling to beautiful mystical places; the more the energy of that imagination goes out into the world and the more the world supports us to living our imaginations.  Is your imagination doorway open and do you touch base with it regularly?  Your soul carries your deepest desires, so why not open that doorway and listen to the whispers.  Let your imagination take you on a magical, mystical journey.

AFFIRMATION: I take a deep breath and connect to the light and love of my soul. I allow the power of imagination to fulfill my soul’s desire.

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I Breathe In Peace

I Breathe In Peace

With all of the chaos and controversy in our world right now, we need to find ways to fill ourselves with peace.  I have a reminder on my phone that goes off periodically with a sweet wind chime and I stop to focus on my thoughts.  I take a deep breath and imagine being filled with the light and love of peace.  Ask yourself how often during the day do you have moments of peace?  What could you do to nourish yourself with more peace? Breathing in peace will calm your nervous system and release stress from your body.  Do you believe you can devote a few moments of your day to breathing in peace?  

As John Lennon sang “All we are saying is give peace a chance”

AFFIRMATION: I take a deep breath and let the light and love of peace fill my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. I relax into the peace of the moment.

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Live A Life That Delights Your Soul

Live a Life That Delights Your Soul

Have you ever noticed that when you are doing something that lights you up, time passes effortlessly and the thinking mind relaxes while you engage fully in what you are doing.  What would it be like to live our lives in this way?  Many times we probably dismiss any thoughts of living in a way that delights our soul.  We tell ourselves  “I don’t know how to do that” or “living in that space of delight is not feasible, marketable or income producing.”  The rationality of our mind is so quick to dismiss the idea that we could possibly live a life that delights our soul.  Have you ever had these conversations or thoughts?  Why do we let our passion for shining our inner light slip away so easily?  I continue to search for an answer to this.  What I do know is that once I start being creative, I find myself being in a state of joy doing what my soul loves.  Maybe it starts with just having moments of this delight and the more you have the moments, the more it becomes a natural part of your everyday living and before you know it, you realize you are living a life that delights your soul.  We don’t always have a rule book to follow when we are trying to change how we live our life, but the passion and desires in our soul are always there.  I encourage you to listen to them!

AFFIRMATION: I take a breath and release the need to have a plan. I embrace the joy that is always present in my soul when I am doing something I love.

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Be the Light That Opens the Hearts of Others

We are all energy and beings of light.  Sometimes other people can perceive our light as we engage with them.  It can often be as simple as holding a door for someone or just walking by them in a store.  I believe it’s important for us to have a daily focus to allow our light to shine for those that need to be touched by it.  So many people carry stories of deep, dark sadness in their heart.  Let your light shine through the nooks and crannies of their book of life, allowing their heart to brighten and heal even if it’s just for the moment.  So many times we diminish our light when we get stuck in the constant wonderings of our mind.  Take a deep breath and clear your energy field allowing your light to lead the way for yourself and others.

AFFIRMATION: Today I allow the sweet glow of my unique light to shine in the world to touch the hearts of others.

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Believe the Power of Spirit Will Support You

“When you’re down and troubled and you need a helping hand

And nothing, whoa, nothing is going right

Close your eyes and think of me and soon I will be there

To brighten up even your darkest nights”

 (Lyrics by James Taylor – You’ve Got A Friend)

Sometimes in life we may find that we just need support from an invisible force.  It’s a comforting feeling, if you choose to believe that you are blessed and cared for by the power of Spirit.  We don’t always have the answers as we travel our life path and sometimes we just need a little strength and support from an unknown source to help us through trials and tribulations.  Next time you find yourself stuck in a story of fear and worry, I ask you to consider believing that the power of spirit will support you.

AFFIRMATION: I take a deep breath and release all fear and worry as I embrace the belief that I am always supported by a source bigger than me.

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We Teach What We Need to Learn

In life we often have a desire to learn about something we have heard about.  Possibly it could be how to create something we have seen that catches our eye.  We pursue many types of resources to learn the basics of this desire.  When we share our knowledge and newly acquired skills, I believe that is when the learning truly registers and stays with us.  I like to think that we are all similar to pages in the encyclopedia of life meant to share and connect with others.

I never realized there were so many thoughts and quotes on this subject until I googled it!  “You teach best what you most need to learn”, is a quote from Richard Bach, the author famous for writing Jonathan Livingston Seagull.  I enjoyed reading that story and now I know the message of the story must have remained in my subconscious all of these years!

AFFIRMATION: Today I realize that I carry many nuggets of sage advice to support others. I believe I will share something of value to a person that needs it today and always.

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Living Your Joy ~ Allows Magic to Flow to You

When we were young it was so easy to live your joy because we had simple expectations and any type of play usually put us in a state of joy.  As we matured, we may have found it was harder to live in these moments of joy.  We had to start living based on “grown-up” rules and expectations.  It seems to me that many people give up their joy to follow pre-determined guidelines for success.  What I have found is that we come back full circle as we age and realize that living our joy opens up so many opportunities for the true magic of life to find us.  I believe the key is to believe in yourself, live simply, exploring and loving what brings you joy.  When you are in this energetic state, what you need in life finds you.

AFFIRMATION: Today I take a deep breath and invite the energy of joy to fill my entire being.

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What You Need ~ Needs You

As you have those moments of connection with your Divine desires, have you ever believed that the things you dream about or want in your life truly need you to be the catalyst for them to show up in the world? Authors write books with messages that people need to hear.  Artists create art that attracts people to feel a sense of peace.  We all have our unique gifts and most likely what we think we need aligns with our gifts.  I picture the lone star out in the Universe waiting for someone to connect with it, so it can sparkle and shine for others.  Our action to pursue what we need will always support ourselves and others.

AFFIRMATION: Today I open the energetic pathway for what I need to come forward into my life and shine light for myself and others.

Many of these Affirmation collages can be purchased on my Etsy Shop.