What You Need ~ Needs You

As you have those moments of connection with your Divine desires, have you ever believed that the things you dream about or want in your life truly need you to be the catalyst for them to show up in the world? Authors write books with messages that people need to hear.  Artists create art that attracts people to feel a sense of peace.  We all have our unique gifts and most likely what we think we need aligns with our gifts.  I picture the lone star out in the Universe waiting for someone to connect with it, so it can sparkle and shine for others.  Our action to pursue what we need will always support ourselves and others.

AFFIRMATION: Today I open the energetic pathway for what I need to come forward into my life and shine light for myself and others.

Many of these Affirmation collages can be purchased on my Etsy Shop.

Published by lvalli12

Eclectic spirit seeking to share the magic of art, the power of words, and the joy of connecting with others as we navigate the blessings of our life.

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