Connecting through Compassionate Conversation

The stories of our life support the essence of who we are. Stories have been passed through generations in all cultures…stories of birth, life, death. Stories of how to honor spiritual beliefs. Stories of joy, sorrow, hope, fortune. Stories of support, stories of learning. Stories elicit emotion…love, joy, happiness, support, sadness, hopelessness, frustration.

The common thread of all stories is the connection they create. Connection to the expression of life. Connection to belief patterns, mindsets. Connection to possibility. Connection to support. Connection to the knowing that our life matters.

At the end of the day, our lives are about connection. Connection to other humans, connection to beloved pets, connection to nature. We all thrive through connection. In any given circle gathering, humans want to share their stories….it’s how they connect to something that matters.

What are the stories of your life that have formed your way of being in the world? Your way of thinking? Your way of understanding what your true essence is and what your divine gifts are.

Why should it be that some humans never really have the chance to have that meaningful connection with another and have their story witnessed. It’s a proven fact that the human spirit loses its will to thrive when there is a lack of connection. Humans need to hear their words as they express how the stories of their life have supported them through good and challenging times. No one needs to truly heal that story but the expression of it creates an energy much like a seed that grows into what it is destined to be. Sometimes it is just destined to be a warm feeling of love that resides within. Sometimes it is an awareness that they did the best they could at the moment and feelings of regret won’t change it. Sometimes it is the impetus to move forward in a new direction filled with hope and possibility. Sometimes it creates the doorway for emotion that has been repressed in the body causing pain to release.

My desire is to connect with others through compassionate conversation and witness the stories in their lives and the meaning and emotion they have assigned to these stories. I want to be an observer and allow the energy of the story to radiate in the universe. I want to share a connection.

Watch for future opportunities to share your stories and connect with others

Laurel Valli


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