Living through the recent death of a loved one, I heard the clarity of a message stating I must live my joy and listen to my soul’s passions to avoid future regrets.

My spirit is loving, caring, supportive, adventuresome, funny, magical, creative, and artistic. I have always loved talking and connecting with people. I love exploring new thoughts and ideas. Have you ever read a thought, an affirmation, or a story and said “Wow, this is a whole new perspective on this issue”? Let this be a place that offers new insights.

I want to share my thoughts and art to inspire you to be all that your spirit truly is and to support you to live your soul’s passions, too.  I want to be the calm energy in the middle of any storms in your life.  I want to share my light with you and allow you to nurture your light.  I want to support you to stand in your power and take those brave steps to live your Divine Life.

My long term career was in Human Resources where my desire to connect with people and provide support was a gift of everlasting abundance.  This is the service I seek to share with you, now.

Several years ago, someone told me I was an “eclectic wise woman.” I now feel myself embracing this role.  One of my favorite quotes which reflects me perfectly is “She had the soul of a gypsy, the heart of a hippie, the spirit of fairy.”

I am grateful for your visit. My wish for you is to feel the energy of my light and let it inspire you to live your joy and listen to your soul.

Peace & Blessings…Laurel

So what does it mean to live your joy? Do you know what your soul’s passions are? What lights you up? If all your needs were met, how would you spend your days? Have you ever asked yourself “who is my spirit?” What is the core essence of you? Let’s find out together!

Laurel Valli


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Creating a safe space for people to connect with inspiring thoughts and intuitive art. A space where the blog posts may offer a different viewpoint supporting them with current issues in their life.

Building a community recognizing the light that each person has to share with the world. A judgment-free zone where visitors are encouraged to share the stories of their lives. A place to be heard where the story is witnessed and released. A place of healing. A place to move into their Divine Life.