Your Strength is Your Belief

Your Strength is Your Belief

What you believe in, is your power in the moment.  Your thoughts create your reality so isn’t it possible that your beliefs will manifest into the experiences in your life?  I heard a comment recently that what you are attracted to may be something that is true within you.  I thought about how I am attracted to color and creative expression.  It made me feel good knowing that color and expression is part of my essence and gives me strength.  Can you think of something that feels true for you and see how that feeling is your strength and empowers you in your life?  I think it’s important to reflect on your beliefs and realize which beliefs give you power and which beliefs take away your power.  Sometimes it can be easy to redefine your beliefs allowing a change in the direction of your energy.  If nothing else, awareness of your beliefs and how they affect you can be important in your life. 

AFFIRMATION: I close my eyes and connect to something that I am attracted to. I realize this is something that is true within me and fuels my energetic strength. I allow this strength to support me throughout this day. Thank you!



I like to believe that we are all connected physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.  We are all a source of energy and our thoughts and actions send a vibration out into the world that connects to other people, places or things.  What ways do you feel connected to the world?  To me one of my life passions is to connect to people and learn about the stories of their life.  I can feel the energy of their life adventures and many times it helps me to see something in a new way.  I believe that deep within us, we crave connection to people, places or things.  Don’t you have a favorite place to visit?  What about one of your most favorite memories?  What about the connection you feel when you are in your special place in the natural world?  Do you feel love inside when any one of these connections touches your heart and soul?  I think it’s so vitally important to honor our connections in life because that energy cascades out to the world in ways we may never realize.  A simple connection with a smile in the grocery store can fill the receiver with a sense of warmth and care.  Connection is simple and always with us as we live and breathe and experience our worlds.  Pause for a moment and consider the connections in your life that bring you a warm smile.

AFFIRMATION: I close my eyes and connect to the power of my connection to a favorite person, place or thing. The energy of that connection fills my essence with gratitude.

Make Your Kuleana Pono

Make Your Kuleana Pono

Recently I was listening to music and the song “What A Wonderful World” by Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole was played.  It caught my attention as I was introduced to the Hawaiian culture when I was blessed to live on the Big Island for two years.  I felt like I was connected to a culture from a past life and it touched my heart and soul.  IZ talks during the song and says  “Make your kuleana pono.” A very powerful and meaningful statement.  In general kuleana translates to responsibility, accountability and spirituality.  Pono translates to right living of your life with balance, harmony and integrity.  I believe IZ was implying to get your life in order, make it good and act with righteous responsibility to do what’s right.  

I think it’s important for all of us to go within and when we choose to live with integrity and responsibility that energy will go out into the world.  Do you think you can make your kuleana pono?

AFFIRMATION: I take a deep breath and breathe in the energy of making my kuleana pono. I embrace the energy of putting this action out into the world.

Find Your Flow

Find Your Flow

Flow is all about movement.  When people suggest that you just go with the flow, you are the one that has to decide how that feels for you.  Do you believe you can redefine your flow?  I believe you can.  In my life one way I do this is when I am creating art.  Sometimes I have a vision for what I want to create but it gets distorted along the way and I don’t like my results.  I could just throw it away, but I find when I keep working at it and trying new inspiration, it usually works out to be a creation much better that my initial vision.  I think it’s a good idea to bring that into your life to find your personal flow.  What path will you take to move you along in life?  When you get quiet and listen to the wisdom in your heart, you will find guidance to support your path to your flow.  I hope you connect to the magic of your flow!

AFFIRMATION: I close my eyes and connect to my power. I feel the energy of my flow and know that I am always guided.

Take Your Loneliness to the Night Sky

Take Your Loneliness to the Night Sky

Do you ever feel lonely?  I think it’s perfectly natural and healthy to be lonely at times.  To me, I believe it means you can find the quiet time to connect with the innermost feelings of your heart and soul.  Loneliness can be peaceful and healing.  I think when we find these moments of complete stillness we tend to label the feeling as loneliness and our inner judgment feels that is not healthy.  But, if you were to look out at the night sky with this feeling in your heart, you would realize the power and beauty of the tiny lights that sparkle and shine.  To me, it’s like a radiant universe filled with possibility.  You are never alone with the sparkles of the night sky above you. Let this magical feeling fill your heart and soul!

AFFIRMATION: With eyes open and gazing at the night sky, I breathe in the light and magic of all the stars shining down to support me. I embrace the feeling of never being alone.

Decide That All is Well

Decide That All is Well…

We have the choice of what power or intention we give to our thoughts.  I am a believer that our thoughts create our reality; therefore, it’s important to me to assign value to my thoughts.  I can believe the day may not be the best due to whatever condition, or I can decide that all is well and the day will offer a divine blessing.  It takes practice to catch your thoughts as they flow and realize which ones you want to correct and rephrase!  So many times our thoughts rise up from the space of old beliefs and values.  The work comes about to be aware of your thoughts and restating them in a positive manner.  Try the practice of being aware of your thoughts for a day.  Give yourself the opportunity to change the energy of your thoughts and decide that all is well.  Wishing you blessings of awareness.

AFFIRMATION: I focus on the energy of my thoughts and change them to be more positive. I decide that all is well and let that energy manifest!

Let the Wind Carry Your Prayers

Let the Wind Carry Your Prayers

The wind is the energy in nature that has the power to shift, clear and transform the space it passes through.  Sometimes the wind is gentle and calming and sometimes it can be fierce and foreboding.  It always has the ability to move energy.  There are many ancient traditions and rites that focus on the cleansing and clearing energy of the wind.  Many spiritual traditions focus on blowing your intentions or prayers into the wind to carry them to a place of manifestation.  I always blow my prayers and wishes out into the air (wind) believing they will settle in a divine place in the universe where they will be most supported.  Try it for yourself.  The next time you speak a prayer, place your hands together and blow your hopes and dreams out into the world.  Peace and blessings…

AFFIRMATION: I close my eyes and send the healing energy of my prayers, hopes and dreams out into the energy of the wind to find a divine spot to manifest.

Follow the Connection to Your Soul

Follow the Connection to Your Soul

Your soul is the vehicle that carries all those random thoughts to your consciousness.  You see, they are not really random thoughts.  I believe these thoughts are the wisdom of your higher self.  I believe something physical, mental, emotional or spiritual will “wake you up” to an inspired idea that has been tucked away in the caverns of your deepest desires.  Energy wakes up this thought as now may be the right time to take action on it.  Have you ever had one of those moments where something you see or something that is said causes an action of synchronicity as you remember that filed away thought?  As I have said before, I believe so much that all of these actions are a result of energy in motion.  So enjoy these magical moments and follow the connection to your soul.

AFFIRMATION: I close my eyes and take a deep, calming breath. I open the channel to my soul and connect with an inspired thought that is ready for action.

Your Magic Doesn’t Flow in Straight Lines

Your Magic Doesn’t Flow in Straight Lines

I like to believe there is an energy bubble that flows around us.  I also believe we send energy out into the world and we attract energy to us.  I think all living things are connected to this flow of energy.  I am also a firm believer that there is magic that flows to each one of us throughout our lives.  Think of the many times that what you have thought of comes to be.  This attraction is not always immediate, but it does find its way into your life.  Our universe is in constant motion and it’s my belief that the waves of energy flow in multiple directions.  Life is not a straight line, it flows all around us.  That is why I believe that the magic in our lives flows all around us and it’s not a clear path from point A to point B.  Step into your beautiful field of energy and welcome the magic that wants to connect with you.

AFFIRMATION: I close my eyes and connect to the swirling flow of magic that fills my energy bubble. I am grateful to receive these divine blessings.

You Are Worth More Love

You Are Worth More Love

If we don’t love ourselves and believe that we are worth all the joys and wonder in life, how can we truly expect all the joy, love and light this world has to offer will ever find its way to us?  It all comes from within.  I know life can be challenging and it’s not always a beautiful fairy tale.  My generation was raised to accept circumstances in our lives and to pull ourselves up above them and move forward.  Many times this was done through denying our feelings and not having the moments to connect to the deep love and worthiness of our life.  I know that life can test each one of us.  There may not always be a perfect plan that shows all the steps to follow for our best life.  I do believe; however, that in each moment of our life we are worthy of having all the love, joy, peace, health, abundance and prosperity that life has to offer.  We owe it to ourselves to believe that we are worth our own deepest love.  Take the time to honor and love your beautiful spirit.  You are most certainly worth more love!

AFFIRMATION: I close my eyes and connect to the love that fills my heart space. I feel the energy of my worth and know that love blesses me always.