Have you ever watched a bird as it flies and catches a ride on the wind?  It seems like such a natural act for a bird.  They don’t stop and contemplate “if I fly in this wind, where will it take me?”  They just merge with the wind and trust they will flow with ease to their next destination. I don’t know about you, but I think I would enjoy that feeling of freedom.  Trusting in the natural flow and flying to your next exciting adventure.  We have the power to do this when we get out of our head and stop analyzing what our next step should be.  See if you can discover the feeling of freedom when you merge with the Divine Flow and move along to your next exciting encounter in life.

AFFIRMATION: With eyes open I take a deep breath and feel the energy of the wind guiding me in life. I close my eyes and imagine where I will go. Fearless flying to all!!!

People Seek You to Ease Their Fears

People Seek You to Ease Their Fears

People truly need each other.  Connection to another person can be very healing.  Do you find that people reach out to you to be a receiver of their thoughts and concerns?  It’s all about the power of listening.  When people bare their hearts and souls they know you are a peaceful, calm presence to be with.  The key is to just listen.  So often we feel we need to have all of the answers to help others.  I believe the answers lie within the person and when they share thoughts with you, they consciously hear themselves which can start the answers to manifest within.  When we personally have listened to the depths of our soul, we can be present for the vulnerable thoughts of others.  Be a place of support and be an angel for someone today.

AFFIRMATION: Taking a deep breath, I clear my energy channel and allow myself to be a beacon of support for others.

Why Am I Doing This?

Why Am I Doing This?

Have you ever stopped in the middle of an activity and asked yourself “why am I doing this? “ You don’t want to do whatever it is and you are not having fun doing it.  You have that heavy feeling that you have to do this.  If you don’t do this you won’t (fill in the blank) and be able to do (fill in the blank).  Why do we embrace the energy of SHOULD versus LOVING what you are doing?

I am not focusing on doing the things that are necessary in our life (activities of daily living) that allow us to meet our basic needs.  I am talking about activities we engage in that are not aligned to our highest calling.  Have you ever answered “yes” to an invite when you truly have no desire to attend the event?  Do you find that you would rather be home in solitude doing an activity that you love?  How many times have you asked yourself “why am I doing this?”

Hopefully this blog will remind you to take the time to do the activities that you love and make your heart sing!

AFFIRMATION: With eyes open I look around and focus on doing something that I love. I allow my heart to sing with joy and feel the buzz of happiness flow through me!

Trust Your Intuition

Trust Your Intuition

Intuition is the ability to know something without having to think about it or use reason to discover it.  It’s the “feeling in your gut” that you understand your circumstances and you don’t really know how you understand it, you just feel it.  I like to believe that our intuition shows up when we silence our mind and listen to the wisdom of our heart and soul.  I am sure you can think of many times in your life when your intuition supported you.  You may have thought of an old friend and somehow you connect.  Perhaps you have reflected on a memory about a place or a thing and something shows up in your daily life to affirm this memory.  I am grateful for my intuition and I get excited when it manifests into my everyday life.  Watch your thoughts over the next few days and listen to that still, small voice from within that supports you.  Intuition is a gift we all have, and we should trust it more often!

AFFIRMATION: With eyes closed I connect to my highest wisdom and center in my heart. I am still as I listen to the messages of my soul. I am grateful for the support of my intuition.

Live Worry Free

Live Worry Free

Worry is what we do when we feel we have to control everything because we can’t imagine how things will work out if we don’t actively force the outcome we are looking for.  The problem with this approach is that we don’t surrender and have faith an outcome will show up.  It always resolves and many times it is better than we could have hoped for.  That is why you hear people say when you let go of fear and worry and you surrender, everything falls into place.  I don’t know about you, but when I step out of the way and have faith, things truly do work out!  Can you think of a circumstance where you let go of worry and the magic of the universe resolved your concern?

When we choose to live a life free from worry, we don’t borrow trouble from tomorrow.  Instead, we focus on the blessings of today and have faith we are always supported.  My first instinct is always to worry, but I feel much lighter and happier when I send my worries with the wind.

AFFIRMATION: I close my eyes and take a deep, cleansing breath. I let all of the tension leave my body and I focus on gratitude for the blessings in my life. I am renewed and supported!

Your Light Dims When You Judge

Your Light Dims When You Judge

Thoughts can be expressed in conversation with others; or sometimes they just swirl around in the inner tunnels of our mind.  Have you ever listened to your thoughts and wonder where they might have come from?  Speaking for myself, I have been noticing how many of my thoughts come from a place of judgment.  They are not really good or bad judgment, just opinions.  Maybe in my mature years I am realizing that I don’t need to embrace those judging thoughts to provide a false sense of reality.  Whose reality were they anyway?  I am starting to be more open to considering different ways of thinking about things that have been offering me with more opportunity and creative expression.  I think our light shines brighter when we embrace the energy of possibility.  Where do you find yourself having judgmental thoughts and how does that affect your energy?  

AFFIRMATION: With awareness of my thoughts, I take a deep centering breath and wonder if the thought amplifies or dims my energetic light. I take another breath and open to possibility.

You Are Enough

You Are Enough

I wonder how many people find themselves in a revolving door of thoughts that are not always from a source that supports the beauty of who we truly are?  “ You have circles under your eyes, you look fat in that outfit, why can’t I stay home and do what I love, what do I need to buy at the store?”  I think our list of false beliefs probably stems from a core belief that we are not enough.  Society tends to reinforce this as they try to encourage us to buy all of the things, or do all of the things that will make us perfect.  After being exposed to this enough, we buy into it and believe it!

Well, I am here to tell you it is time to remove all of the self-imposed labels and accept all of yourself.  Love all of yourself!  You are a unique expression of the Divine and no one is exactly like you.  Everything about you is right.  Everything happens in your life that leads you down the path to discover the true power of your wonderful being.  Show up as you are with the gifts you carry to help others.  The right opportunities to shine your light will come forward.

Make yourself a small colorful “post-it note” and put it on your bathroom mirror that reminds you  “you are enough!”

AFFIRMATION: Taking a deep breath, I release all of the criticizing chatter in my mind. I smile and greet the day knowing that I Am Enough!

Receive the Colors of the Flowers

Receive the Colors of the Flowers

Nature is always here to fill us with beauty, wonder, peace and tranquility. It’s so true that when you find yourself in a state of stress or confusion, taking time for a walk outside will always calm your spirit.  You start to breathe slower and your immediate troubles subside for the moment as you let the energy of nature fill up your heart and soul.  To me the flowers are divine creations each one growing from the same source; yet reflecting their individual expression in the world.  They may come from the same source but their color, size and shape may be just a little bit different from their neighbor.  The colors can be magnificent; happy, cheerful, intense and moody similar to the humans that gaze upon them.  So, if you find yourself in those moments of despair, I encourage you to walk out in nature and receive the colors of the flowers!

AFFIRMATION: With eyes open and gazing at the beauty and joy of the flowers, I breathe in the peace and magic of all the divine creations here to support me. Nature is always here to support me.

Rework Your Mistakes

Rework Your Mistakes

I am sure we have all encountered times in our life where we believe the results of our actions or inactions have been a mistake.  Typically, we will just cast that effort out into the void and move on.  It’s easier just to release our action and move on.  Nowadays, I feel we have accepted living in a “disposable society” where it’s easier to give up or throw something away rather than put some effort and energy into turning our initial action into a beneficial result.  I have mentioned before that I find this in my art creation.  I have a vision and my creative endeavors don’t produce the results I was hoping for.  So many times I am tempted just to toss the art in the trash and try again.  However, what I have experienced is that when I rework what I believe is a mistake with a new approach or revision, the end result is usually much better than my original vision!  Can you take a moment to think of a hope, a dream, an action or an inaction that didn’t turn out the way you wanted?  Can you feel the energy of how this endeavor may have been different if you reworked your approach?  I hope you can experience new results if you employ this approach!

AFFIRMATION: I close my eyes and take a centering breath. I imagine reworking my mistake and feeling joy with the new result!

Your Strength is Your Belief

Your Strength is Your Belief

What you believe in, is your power in the moment.  Your thoughts create your reality so isn’t it possible that your beliefs will manifest into the experiences in your life?  I heard a comment recently that what you are attracted to may be something that is true within you.  I thought about how I am attracted to color and creative expression.  It made me feel good knowing that color and expression is part of my essence and gives me strength.  Can you think of something that feels true for you and see how that feeling is your strength and empowers you in your life?  I think it’s important to reflect on your beliefs and realize which beliefs give you power and which beliefs take away your power.  Sometimes it can be easy to redefine your beliefs allowing a change in the direction of your energy.  If nothing else, awareness of your beliefs and how they affect you can be important in your life. 

AFFIRMATION: I close my eyes and connect to something that I am attracted to. I realize this is something that is true within me and fuels my energetic strength. I allow this strength to support me throughout this day. Thank you!