Rework Your Mistakes

Rework Your Mistakes I am sure we have all encountered times in our life where we believe the results of our actions or inactions have been a mistake.  Typically, we will just cast that effort out into the void and move on.  It’s easier just to release our action and move on.  Nowadays, I feelContinue reading “Rework Your Mistakes”

Your Strength is Your Belief

Your Strength is Your Belief What you believe in, is your power in the moment.  Your thoughts create your reality so isn’t it possible that your beliefs will manifest into the experiences in your life?  I heard a comment recently that what you are attracted to may be something that is true within you.  IContinue reading “Your Strength is Your Belief”


Connection I like to believe that we are all connected physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.  We are all a source of energy and our thoughts and actions send a vibration out into the world that connects to other people, places or things.  What ways do you feel connected to the world?  To me one ofContinue reading “Connection”

Make Your Kuleana Pono

Make Your Kuleana Pono Recently I was listening to music and the song “What A Wonderful World” by Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole was played.  It caught my attention as I was introduced to the Hawaiian culture when I was blessed to live on the Big Island for two years.  I felt like I was connected toContinue reading “Make Your Kuleana Pono”

Take Your Loneliness to the Night Sky

Take Your Loneliness to the Night Sky Do you ever feel lonely?  I think it’s perfectly natural and healthy to be lonely at times.  To me, I believe it means you can find the quiet time to connect with the innermost feelings of your heart and soul.  Loneliness can be peaceful and healing.  I thinkContinue reading “Take Your Loneliness to the Night Sky”

Decide That All is Well

Decide That All is Well… We have the choice of what power or intention we give to our thoughts.  I am a believer that our thoughts create our reality; therefore, it’s important to me to assign value to my thoughts.  I can believe the day may not be the best due to whatever condition, orContinue reading “Decide That All is Well”

Let the Wind Carry Your Prayers

Let the Wind Carry Your Prayers The wind is the energy in nature that has the power to shift, clear and transform the space it passes through.  Sometimes the wind is gentle and calming and sometimes it can be fierce and foreboding.  It always has the ability to move energy.  There are many ancient traditionsContinue reading “Let the Wind Carry Your Prayers”

Follow the Connection to Your Soul

Follow the Connection to Your Soul Your soul is the vehicle that carries all those random thoughts to your consciousness.  You see, they are not really random thoughts.  I believe these thoughts are the wisdom of your higher self.  I believe something physical, mental, emotional or spiritual will “wake you up” to an inspired ideaContinue reading “Follow the Connection to Your Soul”

Your Magic Doesn’t Flow in Straight Lines

Your Magic Doesn’t Flow in Straight Lines I like to believe there is an energy bubble that flows around us.  I also believe we send energy out into the world and we attract energy to us.  I think all living things are connected to this flow of energy.  I am also a firm believer thatContinue reading “Your Magic Doesn’t Flow in Straight Lines”