Your Strength is Your Belief

Your Strength is Your Belief

What you believe in, is your power in the moment.  Your thoughts create your reality so isn’t it possible that your beliefs will manifest into the experiences in your life?  I heard a comment recently that what you are attracted to may be something that is true within you.  I thought about how I am attracted to color and creative expression.  It made me feel good knowing that color and expression is part of my essence and gives me strength.  Can you think of something that feels true for you and see how that feeling is your strength and empowers you in your life?  I think it’s important to reflect on your beliefs and realize which beliefs give you power and which beliefs take away your power.  Sometimes it can be easy to redefine your beliefs allowing a change in the direction of your energy.  If nothing else, awareness of your beliefs and how they affect you can be important in your life. 

AFFIRMATION: I close my eyes and connect to something that I am attracted to. I realize this is something that is true within me and fuels my energetic strength. I allow this strength to support me throughout this day. Thank you!

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Eclectic spirit seeking to share the magic of art, the power of words, and the joy of connecting with others as we navigate the blessings of our life.

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