Let the Wind Carry Your Prayers

Let the Wind Carry Your Prayers The wind is the energy in nature that has the power to shift, clear and transform the space it passes through.  Sometimes the wind is gentle and calming and sometimes it can be fierce and foreboding.  It always has the ability to move energy.  There are many ancient traditionsContinue reading “Let the Wind Carry Your Prayers”

Follow the Connection to Your Soul

Follow the Connection to Your Soul Your soul is the vehicle that carries all those random thoughts to your consciousness.  You see, they are not really random thoughts.  I believe these thoughts are the wisdom of your higher self.  I believe something physical, mental, emotional or spiritual will “wake you up” to an inspired ideaContinue reading “Follow the Connection to Your Soul”

Your Magic Doesn’t Flow in Straight Lines

Your Magic Doesn’t Flow in Straight Lines I like to believe there is an energy bubble that flows around us.  I also believe we send energy out into the world and we attract energy to us.  I think all living things are connected to this flow of energy.  I am also a firm believer thatContinue reading “Your Magic Doesn’t Flow in Straight Lines”

When You Ask for Guidance ~ Be Open to the Answer

When You Ask for Guidance ~ Be Open to the Answer I believe there is an energetic wisdom that flows to us when we take the time to connect with it.  To me this energy can be in the form of angels, guides, spiritual practices, meditation,  All of these are ways to connect with theContinue reading “When You Ask for Guidance ~ Be Open to the Answer”

Peace Is In The Stillness Of Each Moment

Peace Is In The Stillness Of Each Moment As we enter into the vibration of a new year, perhaps you can think about focusing on peace in your life.  So often we just dive into our day and let one moment roll into the next without really appreciating the simplicity of many of our moments. Continue reading “Peace Is In The Stillness Of Each Moment”

Let Your Life Out ~ Don’t Try to Figure It Out!

Let Your Life Out ~ Don’t Try to Figure It Out! Have you ever witnessed an animal that may be in a cage or a pen?  When the boundaries that restrain them are removed don’t they run with wild abandon and freedom?  It feels so good to be free.  I think we build boundaries aroundContinue reading “Let Your Life Out ~ Don’t Try to Figure It Out!”

I Have Gifts to Help Others

I Have Gifts to Help Others Do you believe that you came into this lifetime with special gifts that are unique to you?  I believe that is true for all of us.  I think part of our journey in this lifetime is to connect to our gifts and realize that we share these gifts inContinue reading “I Have Gifts to Help Others”

Live a Life ~ Don’t Just Talk About It!

Live a Life ~ Don’t Just Talk About It! I find it so easy to talk about the life I want to live.  In my conversations with self, I am filled with many ideas and so much creative expression.  Sometimes my brain gets overwhelmed with all of the thoughts and wishes I come up with. Continue reading “Live a Life ~ Don’t Just Talk About It!”

When You Fall ~ Let Your Soul Lift You

When You Fall ~ Let Your Soul Lift You… Falling can be defined as  “moving downward, typically rapidly and freely without control, from a higher to a lower level.”  A fall is not always a physical action ,it can also be a metaphorical falling, where we seem to lose our motivation or desire to takeContinue reading “When You Fall ~ Let Your Soul Lift You”