People Seek You to Ease Their Fears

People Seek You to Ease Their Fears People truly need each other.  Connection to another person can be very healing.  Do you find that people reach out to you to be a receiver of their thoughts and concerns?  It’s all about the power of listening.  When people bare their hearts and souls they know youContinue reading “People Seek You to Ease Their Fears”

Your Light Dims When You Judge

Your Light Dims When You Judge Thoughts can be expressed in conversation with others; or sometimes they just swirl around in the inner tunnels of our mind.  Have you ever listened to your thoughts and wonder where they might have come from?  Speaking for myself, I have been noticing how many of my thoughts comeContinue reading “Your Light Dims When You Judge”

Receive the Colors of the Flowers

Receive the Colors of the Flowers Nature is always here to fill us with beauty, wonder, peace and tranquility. It’s so true that when you find yourself in a state of stress or confusion, taking time for a walk outside will always calm your spirit.  You start to breathe slower and your immediate troubles subsideContinue reading “Receive the Colors of the Flowers”