Peace Is In The Stillness Of Each Moment

Peace Is In The Stillness Of Each Moment

As we enter into the vibration of a new year, perhaps you can think about focusing on peace in your life.  So often we just dive into our day and let one moment roll into the next without really appreciating the simplicity of many of our moments.  When we slow down and connect with the stillness of the moment, we realize we have a choice to see it with a peaceful heart.  There is so much in our world right now that doesn’t reflect peace; however, I find it a blessing to realize that we can live from a place of peace if we make that conscious choice.

Reflecting on the wisdom from John Lennon  “All we are saying is give peace a chance.”

AFFIRMATION: I close my eyes and take a calming breath allowing me to connect to the peace in the moment.

Let Your Life Out ~ Don’t Try to Figure It Out!

Let Your Life Out ~ Don’t Try to Figure It Out!

Have you ever witnessed an animal that may be in a cage or a pen?  When the boundaries that restrain them are removed don’t they run with wild abandon and freedom?  It feels so good to be free.  I think we build boundaries around our life by always trying to figure out what the next step is.  We believe we have to know all of the answers.  Meanwhile, our life is praying that we will release control and let it find its path to next steps. When we have a clear picture of what we want our life to look like, I think we should trust in the energy of that desire and follow the baby steps that naturally show up moving us in that direction.  We need to step aside and believe in the power of our true desires.  I will admit that personally I struggle with releasing control; however, I notice that every time I remove the boundaries the magic shows up and guides me!

AFFIRMATION: I take a deep breath and release the need to control my life. I embrace the magic of light and love that waits to support and guide me.

If Everything Around You Seems Dark ~ Look Again. You May Be the Light (Rumi)

If Everything Around You Seems Dark ~ Look Again.  You May Be the Light (Rumi)

I think many times we get so engaged in what we think is darkness in our life, that we don’t even notice the shimmer of light that is always around us.  It’s so easy to go down the rabbit hole following what we think are our trials and tribulations.  I know for myself that I became aware of these spiraling thoughts and I just stop and breathe.  I become centered and realize that I don’t want these thoughts to gather any more energy.  I focus on the sparkles of light that I know surround me and I let the light surround any darkness.  Our thoughts control our reality and we have the power to shift them.  I know we are all beings of light and I hope you can all see this for yourself.  Shine your beautiful light in the world!!!

AFFIRMATION: When my thoughts become dark, I stop and breathe. I focus on the light that surrounds me knowing that all is well.

I Have Gifts to Help Others

I Have Gifts to Help Others

Do you believe that you came into this lifetime with special gifts that are unique to you?  I believe that is true for all of us.  I think part of our journey in this lifetime is to connect to our gifts and realize that we share these gifts in every connection with others.  Sometimes we take our gifts for granted and don’t truly realize that the essence of who we are can be such a wonderful gift for another.  Stop and think about the times that people have shown you gratitude for being who you are.  You may tend to deny your actions are a big deal, but they certainly are to those that receive them!  Acknowledge the blessing of your gifts and share them often.

AFFIRMATION: I close my eyes and connect to the essence of my being. I know that my unique gifts bless those that I connect to and for this I am grateful.

Live a Life ~ Don’t Just Talk About It!

Live a Life ~ Don’t Just Talk About It!

I find it so easy to talk about the life I want to live.  In my conversations with self, I am filled with many ideas and so much creative expression.  Sometimes my brain gets overwhelmed with all of the thoughts and wishes I come up with.  This is the time that I need to get real with myself and truly explore what do I really want for my life?  This is the time where I have to drop the “raven” mentality and stop chasing the next bright and shiny thing!  This is the time where hesitation shows up and I realize that if there is something I really want in my life, I have to do the work!  I don’t know about you, but many times I struggle with doing the work!  My belief is that we have to be clear with what we want in life.  We have to be able to connect with the end result and what that will do for us.  I feel this action allows us to buy into “doing the work” and to actually live a life and not just talk about it!  It can be a challenge, but just think about the reward of taking inspired action!

Affirmation:  I take a deep breath and blow out the energy of chaotic conversation about the life I want to live.  I inhale a breath of inspiration and devotion to living my divine life.

AFFIRMATION: I take a deep breath and blow out the energy of chaotic conversation about the life I want to live. I inhale a breath of inspiration and devotion to living my divine life.

When You Fall ~ Let Your Soul Lift You

When You Fall ~ Let Your Soul Lift You…

Falling can be defined as  “moving downward, typically rapidly and freely without control, from a higher to a lower level.”  A fall is not always a physical action ,it can also be a metaphorical falling, where we seem to lose our motivation or desire to take inspired action.  We can easily “fall” into a place of complacency with our life, even though deep down we know we are meant for more.  I believe we are all in this lifetime for a reason.  I also know and believe that many times we can fall off our desired path and that is the point where I believe we need to surrender and allow our soul to lift us back up.  I believe our soul is our master controller.  Our soul knows the best way to shine our light and to be in service to help others.  I have faith that my soul will always support me and all that I need to do is release my need for control of the situation.  I know that I will always be lifted up when I stumble and fall.  I hope you can feel the energy of this thought.

AFFIRMATION: I take a deep breath and accept when I fall. I trust, know and believe that my soul is there to support me.

The Person You Want to Be ~ Already Exists

The Person You Want to Be ~ Already Exists

Who is it that you believe you want to be?  Where do you think that desire comes from?  Some people may think it comes from teachers, mentors, famous people or people that generally inspire us.  I agree that we relate to people that inspire us; however, I think that inspiration comes from a deeper source within us that knows the person we want to be is already a part of us.  What are some of the aspects of the person you think you want to be?  Can you honestly believe that you have many of those traits?  I believe in the theory of quantum energy which can be defined as the energy that exists in everything and when it is optimized we can consciously connect to inner behaviors that inspire us.  So could you believe that the energy of the person you want to be already exists within you?  I would like to think so!  In the long run, I feel comfort in this thought knowing that I don’t have to start from scratch to create the person I want to be!

AFFIRMATION: I take a deep breath and connect to the energy of my soul, knowing that I am supported to be the person I want to be.

Grab A Moment of Your Dream Life ~ and Place It In Your Heart

Grab A Moment of Your Dream Life  And Place It In Your Heart

We all daydream and many times we think about what we want our lives to look like.  With the daily hustle of everyday life, we sometimes let these wishes and dreams fade away.  Their energy just hangs out in space, perhaps in a void until the thought circles back around and whispers to us once again.  What would happen if you take that initial thought of your dream life and tuck into a corner of your heart and soul where it can have a chance to grow and become a reality.  If we just continue to have all of these thoughts and desires without taking some form of action with them, they don’t know where to go so they head out to the energetic void where everyone else’s thoughts go to hang out!  So take these moments and meaningful thoughts and nestle them into your heart and soul; allowing them to take form and manifest into your dream life.

AFFIRMATION: When thoughts of my dream life whisper to me, I take the extra moment to breathe into them and place them in my heart and soul. I allow the energy of belief to nurture these thoughts into reality.

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…Let Rainbow Energy Support You…

Let Rainbow Energy Support You…

Rainbow energy is colorful and magical.  If you welcome it into your life, you will be supported from all corners of the universe.  It has been said that seeing a rainbow is a sign of new blessings coming into your life.  A true rainbow is formed when the light of the sun shines through in a storm.  It all relates to the movement of light.  Wouldn’t you be happy to invite the light into your life when you are in the middle of a storm?  Rainbow energy fades when it’s work is done; however, it is always waiting in the wings for the next time you need it.  The colors of a rainbow are aligned with our chakras or energy centers, so it makes sense to welcome in rainbow energy when you need personal support.

Violet (crown chakra), Indigo (3rd eye chakra), Light blue (throat chakra), Green (heart chakra), Yellow (solar plexus chakra), Orange ( sacral chakra), Red (root chakra)

The next time you see a rainbow smile as you let it fill you with light and love!

AFFIRMATION: I release any heavy energy that does not support me. I breathe in the light, love and magic of rainbow energy.

…Creation Emerges from Chaos…

…Creation Emerges from Chaos…

Chaos is defined as “disorder and confusion.”  I like to picture a pinball machine where you pull the lever and your ball bounces around hitting obstacles until it finds a path or a way out of the obstacle course.  When you think about your life, can you picture a time where your current life situation reflected that type of chaos?  When I reflect upon times that my life has felt that way, I realize that there is always a solution and I move through it to the other side.  Many times I feel the energy of creation guiding me.  It is like a creative inspiration that needs to find a birth path.  Maybe the next time you find yourself in a state of chaos, you can believe that a new creation is waiting for you!

AFFIRMATION: When chaos whirls around me, I take a deep breath and allow the energy of creation to enter my senses. I relax into the peace and calm.

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