I Have Gifts to Help Others

I Have Gifts to Help Others Do you believe that you came into this lifetime with special gifts that are unique to you?  I believe that is true for all of us.  I think part of our journey in this lifetime is to connect to our gifts and realize that we share these gifts inContinue reading “I Have Gifts to Help Others”

Cherish Your Truth…

Cherish Your Truth Your truth is that spark of light that shines deeply in your heart.  The energy of the light guides your path in life and supports you to take steps toward what makes your soul come alive.  Beneath all of the outer layers, who are you really?  Your truth is what lights youContinue reading “Cherish Your Truth…”

Love What You Have in Life…Gratitude

Love What You Have in Life ~ Gratitude When you first wake up in the morning and greet the day, do you take a few moments of peace and breathe in the gratitude for all that you have in your life?  So often our busy little mind starts right off with the list of thingsContinue reading “Love What You Have in Life…Gratitude”