Fly Above Your Comfort Zone

Fly Above Your Comfort Zone… I think we can all agree that living our daily lives in our comfort zone is a safe place to be.  We have created our life up until this point based on our wants and desires, and it’s a natural occurrence just to keep on gliding through the way thingsContinue reading “Fly Above Your Comfort Zone”

You Create What You Focus On…

You Create What You Focus On… Have you ever noticed when you focus on a certain thing, it starts showing up in your life?  If you think of a yellow car, you start noticing yellow cars.  Think about the times in your life when you realized it was a coincidence that something or someone youContinue reading “You Create What You Focus On…”

Choose You and Thrive ~ You Are Made for More!!!

Choose You and Thrive ~ You Are Made for More!!! We have so many choices every day of our lives.  How do we want to live?  Following a “to do” list of chores and activities, sitting around scrolling through social media, daydreaming, etc.  You get the point, it’s very easy to pass time by notContinue reading “Choose You and Thrive ~ You Are Made for More!!!”

Choose Faith Over Fear…

Choose Faith over Fear Why is it so easy to focus on fear and worry in our life?  How much time do we spend thinking about the past or wondering about the future?  Right now is the present moment that we can count on and turn into whatever magic we want to experience.  I tryContinue reading “Choose Faith Over Fear…”

Cherish Your Truth…

Cherish Your Truth Your truth is that spark of light that shines deeply in your heart.  The energy of the light guides your path in life and supports you to take steps toward what makes your soul come alive.  Beneath all of the outer layers, who are you really?  Your truth is what lights youContinue reading “Cherish Your Truth…”