…Creation Emerges from Chaos…

…Creation Emerges from Chaos… Chaos is defined as “disorder and confusion.”  I like to picture a pinball machine where you pull the lever and your ball bounces around hitting obstacles until it finds a path or a way out of the obstacle course.  When you think about your life, can you picture a time whereContinue reading “…Creation Emerges from Chaos…”

Fly Above Your Comfort Zone

Fly Above Your Comfort Zone… I think we can all agree that living our daily lives in our comfort zone is a safe place to be.  We have created our life up until this point based on our wants and desires, and it’s a natural occurrence just to keep on gliding through the way thingsContinue reading “Fly Above Your Comfort Zone”

Choose You and Thrive ~ You Are Made for More!!!

Choose You and Thrive ~ You Are Made for More!!! We have so many choices every day of our lives.  How do we want to live?  Following a “to do” list of chores and activities, sitting around scrolling through social media, daydreaming, etc.  You get the point, it’s very easy to pass time by notContinue reading “Choose You and Thrive ~ You Are Made for More!!!”