Your gifts are your healing power for you and the world

Please don’t take your unique gifts for granted!  You may think your gifts are too simple to actually be gifts; when in reality they are the key ingredients that you packed in your suitcase when you agreed to incarnate into physical form and have an experience in this world. How can you know what each and every person needs? You don’t! You share your gifts with the light and love that embodies you. Take a moment to realize they will find their way to the right person. This person will find their steps to healing through your form of creative expression. They will have one of those “aha” moments and most likely will bring the energy of your gift forward and share it with another.

We all study and participate in classes trying to heal ourself. What you need to heal is already within you. Take the time to connect to the wisdom of your body and hear its messages for you. It is not hard and it’s not theoretical. It is a feeling, a deep inner connection to the wisdom of your heart and soul. As Einstein said “your spirit is your gift, the rational mind is your servant.”

AFFIRMATION: I share the healing power of my light with the intention the right person will receive it.

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Plant love in your garden

Is love something truly that you can grow? Of course it is! Love has so many different meanings to many people. Love can be a seed that is created with all of the ingredients of perfection. The thing with planting love is, that it’s truly an individual garden and the results are based on the thoughts and feelings that you nurture it with.

The love we plant and grow is fertilized from the stories of our lives. Sometimes those stories don’t feel like love to us. What if we looked at the story from a different point of view. Can we rewrite how we perceive some of those stories and give love a chance to grow from them? I would like to believe we can. Close your eyes and think of something or someone that you love. You can feel the energy and warmth of those thoughts. That is the energy and warmth you can apply to any seed, thought or circumstance in your life. We all have a choice what we grow in our garden, so let’s choose love!!!

AFFIRMATION: Today as I walk on Mother Earth, I realize that I have the power to plant seeds of love in my garden.

Many of these Affirmation collages can be purchased on my Etsy Shop.

You are the Stardust of Source…Here to Heal Others 

Source is the origin of all things and we are all filled with the light of the Divine. Stardust is particles of matter that fall to Earth from the stars. What if the energy of all that is Divine (or Source) sprinkled these particles of Divine Light to us through the release of stardust? Would it be like an invisible force always there to support us and light the path for us to use our unique gifts to offer healing to others? Personally, I find comfort in my belief that I am filled with the stardust of Source. I also believe that others (humans, animals, plants etc.) are able to recognize my light.

Have you ever had an issue or obstacle in your life that is hard to navigate while you are going through it; although, you know deep inside that you will reach the light on the other side and you will realize you were always supported. Don’t you find comfort knowing that the stardust of Source is there to support you?

AFFIRMATION: When I look up at the night sky, I realize that the stardust of Source is always around me.

Many of these Affirmation collages can be purchased on my Etsy Shop.

If you believe you have power ~ you do!

When we were young, we believed we could do anything. We spoke our first words, we took our first steps, we played and we laughed and life was joyful. We didn’t question our power, we just expected it to be there; and most of the time it was.

Slowly we started to understand that our power was not always something we had control over. The rules of life began to minimize the accessibility and our belief in our power.

What does it mean to you to believe you have power in how you live your life? Many people believe that external forces hold their power, and for many of us that is how we were raised and that is the story we were led to believe. Don’t get me wrong, there are some external forces that hold power over us; but, I am focusing on our personal power. That power or force that whispers to our soul and reminds us of our passions and how we would like to live our joy. That is the sweet spot in your heart and soul that I want to touch. We do have the power to connect with that vibration and take those baby steps and utter those first words to embrace living our life with that power as our motivator.

The next time a thought or a wish lights you up and you catch yourself immediately negating the possibility of it…STOP yourself and ask “what kind of power do I have to make this happen?” You may surprise yourself when you hear the answer coming from your soul.

AFFIRMATION: Today I look for opportunities for my personal power to shine.

Many of these Affirmation collages can be purchased on my Etsy Shop.

Follow your path…Believe

Your path has been guiding you and whispering to you all of your life.  What do you love?  What lights you up?  In those moments of deep silence, what are the thoughts your heart imprints on your soul?  Have we been guided to dismiss those thoughts as unrealistic visions?  Funny thing though, at the end of the day don’t those same thoughts find their way into our prayers of manifestation? 

The time is now to realize there doesn’t have to be a traditional path we follow to lead us to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  When we embrace our unique gifts, the path reveals itself and we just need to allow and believe.  So, follow the yellow brick road and head off to see the wizard of your Divine Destiny!

AFFIRMATION:  Today I let my soul’s passions define my path.