…Let Rainbow Energy Support You…

Let Rainbow Energy Support You…

Rainbow energy is colorful and magical.  If you welcome it into your life, you will be supported from all corners of the universe.  It has been said that seeing a rainbow is a sign of new blessings coming into your life.  A true rainbow is formed when the light of the sun shines through in a storm.  It all relates to the movement of light.  Wouldn’t you be happy to invite the light into your life when you are in the middle of a storm?  Rainbow energy fades when it’s work is done; however, it is always waiting in the wings for the next time you need it.  The colors of a rainbow are aligned with our chakras or energy centers, so it makes sense to welcome in rainbow energy when you need personal support.

Violet (crown chakra), Indigo (3rd eye chakra), Light blue (throat chakra), Green (heart chakra), Yellow (solar plexus chakra), Orange ( sacral chakra), Red (root chakra)

The next time you see a rainbow smile as you let it fill you with light and love!

AFFIRMATION: I release any heavy energy that does not support me. I breathe in the light, love and magic of rainbow energy.

Published by lvalli12

Eclectic spirit seeking to share the magic of art, the power of words, and the joy of connecting with others as we navigate the blessings of our life.

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