Faith Allows Broken Wings To Fly

Faith Allows Broken Wings to Fly

Wings are structures that support beings or things that fly through the air moving from one point to another.  Sometimes wings can be damaged and make the act of flying a challenge.  It’s not always true that a broken wing prevents flight.  I like to think that many beings of flight can call upon the magic of faith and maintain their ability to fly.  Certainly structures can fly with damage to their wings.  I believe that when we have faith, we embrace the possibility of all things…knowing, trusting and believing that we can achieve what we desire.  So, if you find yourself in a situation where you believe you are limited from moving into a new point in your life; close your eyes and believe in your faith to fly.

AFFIRMATION: I take a deep breath and embrace the power of my faith and beliefs knowing that I can fly to the next step in my life.

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Eclectic spirit seeking to share the magic of art, the power of words, and the joy of connecting with others as we navigate the blessings of our life.

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