Allow Your Brilliance to Flow Through You

Brilliance is defined as an intense brightness of light.  I believe we all have a vivid, bright light that shines through us and out into the world.  Sometimes we may find that shadows cast a darkness on our light, but we simply need to take a step out and move away from the shadow.  Is it possible that we dim our own light when we don’t believe in ourselves?  I find that to be true for myself when I don’t believe in my unique gift of light.  Many times it is so much easier to believe that others have a stronger, brighter, and more powerful light than I do.  I believe it can be scary to shine your brilliance in the world, because then your brightness will shine and you will need to step into it.  In the end though, isn’t that what our incarnation in this life is all about?  Sharing our light to help and support others.  I like to think that was my goal for this lifetime.  What do you believe?

AFFIRMATION: Today I allow the intense brightness of my unique light to shine in the world.

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Published by lvalli12

Eclectic spirit seeking to share the magic of art, the power of words, and the joy of connecting with others as we navigate the blessings of our life.

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